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[NO ICON] Wavepad Audio and Music Editor Pro 12.20 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Music editing software to edit voice and other sound recordings on a Windows PC [Shareware]
Released 2021-02-15 by NCH Software
[NO ICON] Wavepad Free Audio and Music Editor 12.20 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
WavePad Music and Audio Editor edits voice and sound recordings on a Windows PC [Freeware]
Released 2021-02-15 by NCH Software
[NO ICON] MixPad Professional Audio Mixer 7.05 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
MixPad Professional is multitrack audio mixer designed for audio production. [Shareware]
Released 2021-01-29 by NCH Software
[NO ICON] MixPad Masters Edition 7.05 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
MixPad Masters Edition allows you to create professional recordings and mixes. [Shareware]
Released 2021-01-29 by NCH Software
[NO ICON] DarkWave Studio 5.9.4 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
High Performance Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / Modular Virtual Music Studio [Freeware]
Released 2020-11-16 by ExperimentalScene
[NO ICON] MultitrackStudio for Windows Lite 9.4 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software for home recording musicians. [Shareware]
Released 2019-07-19 by Bremmers Audio Design
[NO ICON] Portable RMCA Pro (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Portable RMCA Pro is high quality MIDI auto-accompaniment software. Runs from st [Shareware]
Released 2019-07-08 by Michael Brick
[NO ICON] WIDI Recognition System Professional 4.5 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Powerful polyphonic MP3 or Wave to MIDI transcriber with a built-in MIDI Editor. [Shareware]
Released 2018-01-19 by WIDISOFT
[NO ICON] WIDI Recognition System Standard 4.5 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Powerful polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter with a Realtime Module. [Shareware]
Released 2018-01-19 by WIDISOFT
[NO ICON] Rhythm Rascal 3.4 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Professional drum machine software. Use WAV files for drum sounds. [Demo]
Released 2017-11-05 by Randy Brown
[NO ICON] GuitarTempus Virtual Guitar 1.0 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
GuitarTempus is a Virtual Acoustic, Semi Acoustic and Electric Guitar VST Plugin [Shareware]
Released 2017-10-26 by Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments
[NO ICON] TwelveKeys Music Transcription Assistant 1.60 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Music Transcription Assistant Software [Shareware]
Released 2016-10-16 by NCH Software
[NO ICON] AlgoRhythmia 4.1 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Tweakable algorithmic drum beat generator and editor with WAV and MIDI playback. [Freeware]
Released 2016-10-09 by Zeta Centauri
[NO ICON] SampliTron 1.1 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
A virtual sofware sampler instrument designed for live play. [Freeware]
Released 2016-08-30 by Zeta Centauri
[NO ICON] SpaceTheremin 1.1 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
SpaceTheremin is a mouse-controlled virtual theremin. [Freeware]
Released 2016-08-21 by Zeta Centauri
[NO ICON] CheckBeat 3.1 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Checkbox-based drum machine and sample player. [Freeware]
Released 2016-08-19 by Zeta Centauri
[NO ICON] SigmaTizm 1.1 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
A virtual additive synthesizer instrument designed for live play. [Freeware]
Released 2016-08-18 by Zeta Centauri
[NO ICON] DrumPads 2 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
DrumPads is a virtual drum kit for Windows. [Freeware]
Released 2016-08-16 by Zeta Centauri
[NO ICON] ArtWonk 4.4 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Modular interactive software for creating algorithmic MIDI music and graphics [Freeware]
Released 2016-07-09 by Algorithmic Arts
[NO ICON] Melody Assistant 7.6.3i (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Powerful score editor with audio recording/playback capabilities. [Shareware]
Released 2013-10-03 by Myriad Software
[NO ICON] Polyvoks Station 2.2 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Free VSTi Polyvoks Station is created on base of the legend soviet synthesizer. [Freeware]
Released 2013-07-22 by SyncerSoft
[NO ICON] JamDeck 1.1.8 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Organic Music Production Studio [Demo]
Released 2013-06-07 by Oscillicious
[NO ICON] QuickScore Elite 2012 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Comprehensive, integrated music composition and notation software. [Demo]
Released 2012-03-29 by Sion Software
[NO ICON] Fractal Tune Smithy 3.0 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Create beautiful snowflake like fractal music. Play from p.c. or music keyboard [Shareware]
Released 2011-11-12 by Robert Inventor
[NO ICON] Intelliscore Ensemble MP3 to MIDI 8.1 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Multi-instrument track real-time WAV to MIDI, CD to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI converter [Shareware]
Released 2011-08-29 by Innovative Music Systems, Inc.
[NO ICON] Akoff Music Composer 3.0 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Hum a melody and Composer transcribes it, makes chords and arranges the song. [Demo]
Released 2011-08-15 by Akoff Sound Labs
[NO ICON] G-Player 1.2.4 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Native Gigastudio file player for Mac and PC. No conversion required. [Commercial]
Released 2010-10-20 by Soundlib
[NO ICON] Cool Audio Editor 3.26 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
Create, edit, filter, apply effects, and convert audio files. [Shareware]
Released 2009-02-10 by FlyWing Inc
[NO ICON] Drumsite 1.5 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
The realistic drums creation tool, supports multiple samples per instrument. [Shareware]
Released 2007-08-27 by AEON GROUP spol. s r.o.
[NO ICON] RaySpace 2.91 (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers)
A reverb and space designer for PC and Mac. [Shareware]
Released 2007-01-08 by QuikQuak

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