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[NO ICON] Fund Manager 2020 - Personal 2020.16.7 (Home & Hobby::Personal Finance)
Portfolio Management for Individual Investors [Shareware]
Released 2021-02-11 by Portfolio Management Software
[NO ICON] Alkitab Bible Study 5.0.1 (Home & Hobby::Religion)
Alkitab is an open source and free desktop bible study software. [Freeware]
Released 2020-10-16 by KIYUT
[NO ICON] Biorhythms Calculator Amateur 2.0.74 (Home & Hobby::Astrology/Biorhythms/Mystic)
Chart, compare, and analyze your biorhythms using revolutionary new software [Freeware]
Released 2020-08-21 by BinaryMark
[NO ICON] WinGeno (Home & Hobby::Genealogy)
WinGeno is a computer program to create genograms. [Freeware]
Released 2020-06-20 by Ingo H. de Boer
[NO ICON] Kith and Kin Pro 3.3.0 (Home & Hobby::Genealogy)
Genealogy program for storing all your family tree information. Easy to use. [Shareware]
Released 2019-09-14 by SpanSoft
[NO ICON] CyberSky 5.1.2 (Home & Hobby::Astronomy)
CyberSky is an accurate, yet easy-to-use planetarium program. [Shareware]
Released 2018-09-27 by Stephen Michael Schimpf
[NO ICON] CookBook+Calendar 3.9 (Home & Hobby::Food & Drink)
Create your own recipe database and manage a diet, a menu or a dinner party. [Shareware]
Released 2017-11-14 by Binary House Software
[NO ICON] TreeDraw 4.4.2 (Home & Hobby::Genealogy)
Creates family tree charts by importing data from Kith and Kin Pro V3 or GEDCOM. [Shareware]
Released 2017-02-06 by SpanSoft
[NO ICON] Wine Organizer Deluxe 4.11 (Home & Hobby::Food & Drink)
Organize and manage your wine cellar collections. [Shareware]
Released 2017-02-01 by PrimaSoft PC
[NO ICON] Recipe Organizer Deluxe 4.11 (Home & Hobby::Food & Drink)
Organize and manage your recipe collections. [Shareware]
Released 2017-02-01 by PrimaSoft PC
[NO ICON] Star Check Writer 5.00 (Home & Hobby::Personal Finance)
Star Check Writer Software - Prints on your personal check book checks. [Shareware]
Released 2016-10-10 by Starre Enterprises, Inc.
[NO ICON] Numerology 369 1.2 (Home & Hobby::Astrology/Biorhythms/Mystic)
Professional numerology software featuring four different numerology systems. [Shareware]
Released 2016-01-08 by Three6Nine Studio
[NO ICON] The Uncorked Cellar 2016 (Home & Hobby::Food & Drink)
Wine guide and wine cellar software. Winery details, ratings, value guide, etc. [Shareware]
Released 2016-01-01 by Uncork
[NO ICON] HomeManage Home Inventory Software 2015 (Home & Hobby::Other)
Quickly inventory your home with our HomeManage Home Inventory Software [Demo]
Released 2015-09-10 by Liberty Street Software
[NO ICON] CurrencyManage 2016 (Home & Hobby::Cataloging)
Use CurrencyManage to quickly catalog & value your paper money collection. [Demo]
Released 2015-09-08 by Liberty Street Software
[NO ICON] StarStrider 2.8.7 (Home & Hobby::Astronomy)
Visit stars & planets, see galaxies & nebulas, try this 3D software planetarium! [Shareware]
Released 2014-09-20 by FMJ-Software
[NO ICON] GENP 5.00 (Home & Hobby::Genealogy)
Family history program with tree charts, multiple databases, grouping & linking [Demo]
Released 2014-06-18 by Cocolsoft Computer Solutions
[NO ICON] StrokeAnalyzer 1.1.5 (Home & Hobby::Recreation)
StrokeAnalyzer helps you create a better pool stroke by utilizing video. [Shareware]
Released 2014-01-05 by StrokeAnalyzer
[NO ICON] Shop 'Til You Drop 2.3.0 (Home & Hobby::Food & Drink)
Supermarket shopping assistant. Create your weekly shopping list. [Shareware]
Released 2013-08-22 by SpanSoft
[NO ICON] The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2012 (Home & Hobby::Genealogy)
Create comprehensive narrative GEDCOM reports, books, and web folders. [Shareware]
Released 2011-11-10 by Nigel Bufton Software
[NO ICON] The Complete Genealogy Builder 2012 (Home & Hobby::Genealogy)
Comprehensive standards-compliant genealogy data management product. [Shareware]
Released 2011-11-10 by Nigel Bufton Software
[NO ICON] PICK 1.1 (Home & Hobby::Cataloging)
PICK is a household inventory tracking program, for insurance purposes [Freeware]
Released 2011-11-01 by Lost Luggage Studios
[NO ICON] Coin Collector 5.1.1 (Home & Hobby::Personal Interest)
Catalog and organize your coin collection with this free application. [Freeware]
Released 2011-10-07 by Duck Software
[NO ICON] Home Loan Interest Manager Lite 7.1.110930 (Home & Hobby::Personal Finance)
Is your mortgage one of the thousands being overcharged interest EVERY DAY? [Shareware]
Released 2011-09-30 by Mortgage Checker - Home Money Manager
[NO ICON] Soccer Roster Organizer 1.2.1 (Home & Hobby::Recreation)
Software to assist coaches of kid soccer teams in planning their roster. [Freeware]
Released 2011-09-28 by Ducksters
[NO ICON] Baseball Roster Organizer 1.2.1 (Home & Hobby::Recreation)
Organize your baseball season and roster with this free software. [Freeware]
Released 2011-07-28 by Ducksters
[NO ICON] Album Tracker 5.1.1 (Home & Hobby::Cataloging)
This music organizer software will help you catalog your CDs and music. [Freeware]
Released 2011-07-13 by Duck Software
[NO ICON] Toptableplanner 4.0 (Home & Hobby::Other)
Quickly and easily arrange your wedding or event seating chart. [Commercial]
Released 2011-06-17 by TopTablePlanner
[NO ICON] Bible Study Pro 2.0 (Home & Hobby::Religion)
100s of Bibles, 1,000s of resources, maps and commentaries [Freeware]
Released 2011-05-22 by Bible Software
[NO ICON] VIBio 1.2 (Home & Hobby::Astrology/Biorhythms/Mystic)
Biorythms with diagramms and today's comments [Demo]
Released 2010-02-14 by Valeri Vlassov

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