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Software Released by lambda-centauri

Company Website:
Address: 3127 SE 21st Ave.
Portland, OR 97202
United States of America


ANSI Screen Editor - Easy to use colored ANSI screen editing application.
Lambda Calc - Lambda Calc is a basic calculator app for Windows with history support.
Lambda Dice - Lambda Dice generates random dice rolls for use with pen-and-paper RPGs.
Lambda Telnet - Lambda Telnet is a free telnet client for Windows.
Lambda Text Editor - Lambda Text Editor is a text and RTF document editor for Windows.
Lambda Trigram Generator - Lambda Trigram Generator is a trigram-based random word generator.
PixelSwapper - PixelSwapper is an easy to use image manipulation program.
QuickTileViewer - Tiled image viewer for textures intended for game and 3D graphics use.
Random Name Generator - A program to generate new names randomly.
Scleroglossa - Scleroglossa is a lightweight web browser for Windows.
ThreeTeeth - ThreeTeeth is a lightweight web browser for Windows.
TikBew - TikBew is a WebKit-based multi-tab web browser.

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