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Vanga Rengi Mangaro Icon (System Utilities::File & Disk Management) Vanga Rengi Mangaro by 3delite

A utility to replace Windows's default file open, save and folder selector dialogs with the enhanced Filesystem Dialogs. Filesystem Dialogs's purpose is to provide the most powerful user-friendly file and folder selection options and simple file managament tools for the session. Features: . All window/column position/size (sorting) settings are saved for every application and/or you can choose to always use your favourite dialog settings . Very hiqh quality multi threaded thumbnail mode (that supports much more formats then the Windows dialog, and displays audio files too) . Option to cache the thumbnails on a per folder basis (like the Windows dialog's Thumbs.db just with a little bit better quality and with audio file support) . If bass.dll is found audio thumbnails are generated from all formats that BASS supports . FreeImage.dll is supported also (adds many more formats) . Recent document list on a per-application basis available with one click . Recent folder list, that you can acces very quickly . Customizable favorite folders list . Drag&Drop . Implements by far the best folder selector (with recent and favourite list) . User interface styling system with 30 built-in styles to choose from . Automatically decodes URL encoded filanames and underscores . Viewer for pictures/images/video & an integrated web browser for the rest of the files (and a secondary display viewer mode for dual display setups) . Fully unicode Unregistered version is a 25 day trial version and the Enable/Disable option is not available.

OS Support: WinXP

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Released 2018-07-01 [Shareware]