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Coin Collector Icon (Home & Hobby::Personal Interest) Coin Collector 5.1.1 by Duck Software

This free Coin Collection software can help get your collection of coins cataloged and organized. The user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. The majority of the data and functions are on the main screen. So you do not have to move from window to window to manage your collection. There are numerous fields where you can enter data on your coins such as grade, location, condition, buy date, and mint. There is also a graphic area to put a picture of the coin as well as larger text areas where you can write longer descriptions of the coin and its history. Using the browse area, you can search, sort, and print your coin collection data. Portions of the program can be customized as well. The fields can be altered to match coin data you want to track. You can use the default fields or create your own. Various reports can be printed on your data as well as labels. You can export data to a .csv file and help is included in the installation. Take your hobby or investment to the next level. Coin Collector is free to download and use.

OS Support: Win98 WinXP

System Requirements: 16MB RAM

Download Link: Download Coin Collector 5.1.1 (0.93 MB)

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Program Webpage: Coin Collector 5.1.1 Website

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Released 2011-10-07 [Freeware]