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Serlog Icon (Web Development::Log Analysers) Serlog 18.0 by Gammadyne Corporation

Serlog is a server log analyzer that answers some crucial marketing questions: What search engine keywords are visitors using? What websites are sending us traffic? And most importantly, what websites are referring visitors who make purchases? It also includes all the standard statistics and reports that you would expect from a server log analyzer: hits, sessions, visitors, browsers, platforms, spiders, bandwidth, countries, entry/exit pages, errors, search engines, and more. Serlog allows you to limit the scope of the report to a subset of files, or even an individual file. It can also generate a document containing a customizable set of reports. There is a gold mine of information in your logs. Can you afford to ignore it?

OS Support:

System Requirements: Windows 64-bit

Download Link: Download Serlog 18.0 (15.87 MB)

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Program Webpage: Serlog 18.0 Website

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Released 2020-09-23 [Shareware]