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Mihov Link Checker Icon (Web Development::Other) Mihov Link Checker 0.5 by Miha Psenica

Mihov Link Checker is a program that can check multiple links on a web site or a local web page. It reports the state of easch link: a link is valid or missing, forbidden or otherwise not accessible. All the links can be stored in a plain text file or the program can extract the links automatically from a local or internet page. Then each link is tested separately for HTML server response. The results are returned in a nice graphical way. The use of the program is easy - just enter the site's address or browse for a local file and let Mihov Link Checker do the work for you. Your visitors will never see '404 Not Found' error on your web site again!

OS Support: Win98 WinXP

Download Link: Download Mihov Link Checker 0.5 (0.24 MB)

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Program Webpage: Mihov Link Checker 0.5 Website

Mihov Link Checker Screenshot

Released 2004-09-11 [Freeware]