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(Education::Dictionaries) KanjiBrowze 2006 by MindDate Software

Convenient graphical user interface for Japanese and Chinese dictionaries. It allows seamless browsing of kanji information and lookup kanji combinations, prints query results as lists or as flashcards. Version 2.1 now supports Chinese dictionary files, the Microsoft IME for entering Japanese or Chinese characters, and has many other small improvements. Dictionary files in the EDCIT format are available online for Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. No dictionary file is part of this distribution, but the needed ones can easily be downloaded and installed in the guided configuration process at the first run. The same is true for the fonts, which are needed to display Japanese or Chinese text.

OS Support: Win95 Win98 WinME WinXP

Download Link: Download KanjiBrowze 2006 (1.46 MB)

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Released 2006-01-15 [Freeware]