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RaySpace Icon (Audio & Multimedia::Music Composers) RaySpace 2.91 by QuikQuak

RaySpace is a completely new acoustic room reverb simulator. This unique reverb creates up to five channels of surround-sound reverb, all calculated in real-time. The characteristics of the room shape, height, positions and materials can all be adjusted while you listen, making RaySpace a very inspirational and spontaneous tool. All reflections are modelled, not just early reflections, and are calculated with speed-of-sound accuracy. The 3D view and the parametric equaliser complete the audio and visual feedback of room designs! With full automation, source and listener positions can be 'walked' though the rooms, ideal for patching dialogue in radio plays or films. All impulse responses can be exported in high resolution for use in convolution reverbs. From concert halls to bathrooms, cathedrals to sewers, you can go anywhere you desire!

OS Support: Win98 WinXP

Download Link: Download RaySpace 2.91 (1.57 MB)

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Program Webpage: RaySpace 2.91 Website

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Released 2007-01-08 [Shareware]