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RealWorld Paint Icon (Graphic Apps::Editors) RealWorld Paint 2011.1 by RealWorld Graphics

RealWorld Paint is a portable image editor with layers and layer styles optimized for bloggers and other web publishers. The editor can import and export Photoshop, GIMP and files with layers ad use Photoshops .8bf plug-ins. There are numerous drawing tools like Brush, Line, Curve, Ellipse, Rectangle or Flood fill and specialized photo-retouching tools like Crop (with perspective removal), Clone or Shape-shift (liquify equivalent). The editor also supports animated GIFs and contains a built-in GIF optimizer. Users may download additional language packs, layer style, image brushes, pattern fills or bumpmaps.

OS Support: WinXP

Download Link: Download RealWorld Paint 2011.1 (8.12 MB)

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Program Webpage: RealWorld Paint 2011.1 Website

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Released 2011-10-13 [Freeware]