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BearShare Turbo Icon (Network & Internet::File Sharing/Peer to Peer) BearShare Turbo 7.8.0 by SharingZone

BearShare Turbo is a free P2P file sharing tool that enables you to search for, download, and share MP3, MPEG, AVI, ASF, MOV, JPEG, GIF, and all other file types with everyone on the global Gnutella peer-to-peer information network. It features slick graphics, and a user interface that makes searching, downloading, and file sharing easy. BearShare Turbo software is widely recognized for its clean user interface that does not contain adware. Billed as the fastest file sharing program BearShare Turbo is able to offer extremely fast search results and download performance. This version has several enhancements and new features, including download mesh that automatically increases your search results and sources, magnet links to easily share files on Web pages or other documents, improved active blasting, the ability to measure the speed of remote hosts and preview files while downloading, enhanced connection management, and dynamic uploading for the best use of total bandwidth.

OS Support: WinXP Windows 8

System Requirements: Internet connection

Download Link: Download BearShare Turbo 7.8.0 (4.29 MB)

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Program Webpage: BearShare Turbo 7.8.0 Website

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Released 2018-10-19 [Freeware]