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SourceGuardian for PHP is the ultimate protection solution for your PHP scripts. Main feature list: + Full Bytecode Encryption - protect your files by removing the original PHP Source Code + Fully encode and deploy for PHP7 (PHP5 and PHP4) + Choice of Windows/Linux/Mac OS X encoding clients + Command line encoder available now + Encrypt to domain name + Encrypt to IP + License generator for encoded scripts + Easy to use Wizard interface and Advanced mode in GUI + Automatic backup of source files + Deployment options + Lock to domain names, IP addresses or LAN hardware + Timeout your scripts at specific dates or days in the future + Encoded files run under Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X, OpenBSD + Require no changes to the standard web server installation + Free minor updates + Technical support SourceGuardian for PHP is the most comprehesive and user-friendly protection solution on the market. A free 14-day trial is available

OS Support: Win98 WinXP

System Requirements: -

Download Link: Download SourceGuardian PHP Encoder 11.2 (34.70 MB)

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Program Webpage: SourceGuardian PHP Encoder 11.2 Website

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Released 2018-07-06 [Demo]