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Fix Any Color Icon (Graphic Apps::Editors) Fix Any Color 1.51 by SRS1 Software, LLC

Fix Any Color lets you selectively adjust colors in your digital photos. It combines sophisticated L*C*h* color processing and fuzzy logic technology with an easy-to-use interface. Simply click on the color to fix, and then adjust the lightness, saturation and hue of that color. Before/after live views of your photos are always displayed so that you can easily see the results of your edits. With Fix Any Color, your digital photo colors can exactly match, or look even BETTER than reality (greener grass, more tan skin, or whatever else you want). Pro photographers use this kind of selective color editing to make their photos look absolutely perfect. With Fix Any Color, just about anyone can now make pro quality edits like these to their photos.

OS Support: WinXP Windows Vista Windows 8

System Requirements: Microsoft .NET 4.0 client, 50 MB disk space

Download Link: Download Fix Any Color 1.51 (1.54 MB)

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Program Webpage: Fix Any Color 1.51 Website

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Released 2019-01-22 [Shareware]