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GraphiXT is a data analysis software and numerical computing environment. The original purpose of GraphiXT was to facilitate study of time dependences (i.e., kinetics) of a large number of interdependent physical quantities. Consequently, graphs displayed by GraphiXT are of two types: graphs of functions f(t), whose argument is time (t), and graphs of functions f(x,t), whose arguments are coordinate (x) and time (t). However, the actual meaning of function arguments is up to the user. GraphiXT.exe can be used as a stand-alone program or with plug-ins that solve kinetic equations describing a particular system. Currently, there is one such plug-in, which is designed to simulate charge carrier kinetics in multi-layer systems (it is included in the release). Here are some features of GraphiXT: - it is possible to create any number of 'synchronized' graph windows, where the dependence of a particular quantity or several quantities on the coordinate x at a particular moment of time t is plotted, - the mentioned time ('current time') can be easily changed using a special slider; it is possible to use 'animation mode', when the program itself changes the current time with a constant rate, - when GraphiXT is used with simulation plug-ins, the calculation results are automatically plotted during the simulation, - curves can be generated from user-defined equations, - a built-in compiler for computational programming, supporting multi-dimensional arrays and subroutines, - a simple-to-use array viewer/editor, - a large number of built-in mathematical functions, including special functions, numerical integration functions and others, - elementary data analysis: linear fitting, integration, statistical analysis, - nonlinear least-squares fitting and solution of systems of nonlinear algebraic equations, - curve data can be exported to text files or imported from text files, - plotted function data can be edited either in table format or directly in graph windows.

OS Support: WinXP Windows 8

System Requirements: Windows XP SP2 or a newer version of Windows

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Released 2015-09-14 [Freeware]