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Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design Icon (Business::Math & Scientific Tools) Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design by Webbusterz Engineering Software

+S.I & English (U.S) Units of measurement. +Unit converter includes 23 measurements units with 200-unit conversion +Ability to import properties to Hot/Cold sides from Microsoft Excel. +Export Results to Microsoft Excel Engineering Datasheet -Calculations- +Calculate unknown temperatures or flow rate +Perform thermal analysis for bare tube double pipe (hairpin) heat exchangers. +Perform thermal analysis for finned tube double pipe (hairpin) heat exchangers. +Choose from Counter Current or Co-Current Flow arrangement +Choose from Series arrangement or Series-Parallel arrangement. +Auto allocate Hot/Cold fluids within the heat exchanger (Inner Pipe or Outer Pipe). +Select from different correlations to calculate Cold/Hot side heat transfer coefficient. Also the ability to adjust Nusselt number if you do have a different correlation. + Add your own Nusselt number correlation +Calculate the Area, Flow area, Length, Log Mean Temperature Difference, Number of Hairpins, Unknown Flow rate. +Calculate the scale resistance (dirt factor), Equivalent Diameter. +Calculate Pipe/Annulus side Reynolds, Nusselt numbers & Prandtl Numbers. +Duty, Clean and Design Overall heat transfer coefficient calculations +Pipe/Annulus velocities and Mass velocity calculations +Number of Transfer Units & Thermal Capacity ratio calculation. +Clean and Fouled Fin Efficiency calculations for finned tube heat exchanger. +Pressure drop calculations & Entrance and Exit losses. -Databases +Physical properties estimation of pure components for more than 1450 components; the database has the ability to estimate Thermal Conductivity, Density, Heat Capacity and Viscosity. The database also included & come as a standalone interface but easily integrated with the software. +Estimate mixture properties. (ALL ESTIMATION METHODS CURRENTLY SUPPORT LIQUIDS ONLY) +User database functions to allow user to add/delete fluids and load to hot/cold side (Empty database!) +Fouling factors

OS Support: WinXP Windows Vista Windows 8

System Requirements: Windows operating system, Microsoft Dot Net 4.6 Framework

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Released 2019-01-30 [Demo]